What people said about us

  • "Arturo and Monkey have helped putting Leganes on the map as a city that cares for all their citizens and takes things like this seriously"

    Virginia Jimenez / Education and Social Services Councilor of Leganes /

  • "Congratulations, for in your journey, you have called up a lot of people and raised awareness"

    Santiago Llorente / Mayor of Leganes /

  • "What they are doing is amazing. Anything that can help to raise awareness is most welcome"

    Gerardo Posada / Managing Director of ANFAS /

  • "It's beautiful and inspiring to see how there are people can organise and commit to such an effort to raise awareness in subjects such Autism and learning disabilities"

    Patricia Perales / Pamplona's Deputy Mayor /

  • How many people have told you that you're mad?

    Monkey's Mum / /

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