We are raising funds to help Grupo AMAS and Autism Puzzles to support individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and their families. Every little help makes the difference

All donations will go through and will be equally split between the charities, who will then use those funds to support their projects.

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Donations and Sponsorship

Donate to Grupo AMAS


Due to different legislation in Spain, where there isn't a service such as Just Giving, all donations to this Charity will be made straight to them through their donation system on their website. Grupo AMAS will be giving us updates to see how far we are all getting. Donation currecny: Euro

Donate to Autism Puzzles

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  All online donations to Autism Puzzles will be made through Just Giving and will be handed over in full at the end of the ride.

Sponsor the Riders


Help Blue Rides achieve the impossible. We will have to take a couple of ferries, buy food, use campings and hostels every few days, buy gear, plane tickets and bike postage. We are more than willing to put do it all, however, if you'd like to make our challenge a little less challenging, you can spare £1 for the project. All unused funds will be given to the charities.