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The importance of predictability

For two years now, I have been working with people that are in the Autisctic Spectrum. Some are very high functioning and can do a lot by themselves and others need a little bit of support. With autism, there are normally a few extra conditions that can compromise independence and
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Shopping with Autism

For most of us, Neuro-typicals, shopping is like driving or riding a bike. We are very sloppy at first and we get better as life goes on. Some will look out for offers and discounts, others will seek out quality, and other will simply stick to what they usually consume
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What is autism?

Well, this is a big question, and not many people have got the right answer. Many years ago, people with Autism would be treated badly, feared, misunderstood. With the right research, time and the evolution of ourselves as a society we have come to understand the condition a bit better. If
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