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We are looking for Sponsors

As well as people with Autistic Spectrum Condition need some support to achieve their best potential, we feel we may also need support to achieve our goal and get to Madrid on time. We have some of the necessary equipment, but it would be awesome if some companies join us and put their names on the project by donating gear we can use for the journey and then leave with the charities to organize auctions or such events that would help raise a little more towards the cause.

We are in need of:

  • Bikes. We have our own bikes, but if any bicycle have a couple of quick models that need testing, or would like to sponsor us by lending two bikes, that would be a game changer
  • Cycling gear. Again, we have our own gear, but considering we will have to travel light, and that we will sleep in the wild a few nights, we could use some of the latest technology for athletes. Is there any company out there who want to provide us with clothing and safety gear? Please join the project
  • Sports Camera. We would love show the world and our donors what we’re doing, and prove we’re not cheating and taking trains or getting lifts, but it would be extremely hard to do by constantly holding a phone with one hand and the bike with the other.
  • Nutritional advice. We are fairly healthy people, and do regular sports, but we have never endured anything so extreme, so we need to learn a lot, and learn from good professionals. Any Sports Nutritionist out there who want to make us a plan to make it alive to Madrid, please get in touch.
  • Accommodation. We will be travelling for 18 days through Britain, France and Spain. We are looking forward to some camping, but we will need a lot of rest and a shower now and then. We would kindly and thankfully accept any kind of help in this matter, from all Hotels, Hostels, Camping Sites and people who’d welcome us on their spare sofas.
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Bluerides 2017

And it happened, the expected day was here before we could know it and with a lot of the gear arriving earlier that week if not the day before, both bikes, one of them borrowed from Monkey’s cousin, had all panniers, racks, bags, bottles etc. Braveness was the word for those days, when we used to think we could go without a camping mattress for sixteen days and still peddle for about 70 miles in each one of them and that would be ok.

What happened next was only going to be the opposite of what we planned, like having constant rain for the first week solid. We knew this may happen while riding on British soil, but we packed beach towels and bathers in hopes to finish our days relaxing along the French coast from north to south in our super nice overly planned route.

Despite all the unpredictable and rain we actually had a great time, and we ended up raising 1,600 € for Grupo AMAS in Spain, and £530 for Autism Puzzles, in Wales. Due to different legislation, we had to run separate campaigns.

For Autism Puzzles, we used the donation platform JustGiving for all online contributions, and we also collected cash in our workplaces, topping up the total amount received by Autism Puzzles. Perhaps having ridden only 2 days in the UK and the inexperience we had in organizing such long and big event showed on a lower collection for our British partners. That and perhaps that charity events organised by members of the community are so much more common in Great Britain than they are in Spain. Despite not being able to stand out in time, we still got to speak to Gareth Lewis in Good Evening Wales on our way to Bath.

For Grupo AMAS we chose to divert all donations straight to them, so they had all contributions straight away, which made things easier than other options.

In Spain the idea got a little bit more viral. We spoke to many radio shows, got mentioned in national and local press, appeared on TV, had an event organised by Pamplona’s Council and two charities, who came along on bikes for a few miles led by Patrica Perales, Pamplona’s  Deputy Mayor and finally welcomed and awarded with Honour Medals of the City by many Leganes citizens, the La Liga CD Leganes’ president Maria Victoria Pavon; Social Services, Education and Children’s Rights Councilor Virginia Jimenez and the Mayor Mr Santiago Rodriguez.

Such a great time… Let’s do it again, shall we?