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What is autism?

Well, this is a big question, and not many people have got the right answer. Many years ago, people with Autism would be treated badly, feared, misunderstood. With the right research, time and the evolution of ourselves as a society we have come to understand the condition a bit better.

If we want to be technical, we could say that Autism is a neuro-developmental, lifelong condition that affects social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and social imagination, in which we call the triad of impairment. There are many other little ways in which senses and abilities are affected depending on each individual, but the spectrum is so broad that we will never find two individuals that are the same, they are all unique and different from each other, as well as neuro-typical people.

Once we’ve given a name and a description to the condition, let’s try and answer the first question again, but this time, we will focus on the individuals who have ASC. To me, as a support worker for adults, I have learn that a person with Autism is someone who feels, sees and lives the world in a complete different, unexpected and unprecedented kind of way. They teach us different perspectives, the importance of achieving, the never giving up, not to hold hard feelings with things go a different way and most importantly, they take that little box in which we all tend to leave and think, and they make it disappear. Once you have no box, you have no limits for your imagination, and if you can imagine it, you can make it. That I have learnt from the lovely people I have been lucky enough to meet over the last couple of years.

In this blog, I will try and offer a view into the everyday of a person with Autism: shopping, working, visiting places, eating out, being independent… Stay tuned!

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