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BlueRides is a charity that re-spawns from a big charity ride that took place in the summer of 2017
Almost from the first moment and without expecting it, the project gained attention from the media. The BBC spoke to us the day we began and Spanish Media welcomed us in Pamplona, our second stage in Spain.
The authorities also got involved and welcomed us in our final destination, Leganes, along with the charity we raised funds for. They also awarded us with the Honour Medal of Leganes.
BlueRides is a charity that re-spawns from a big charity ride that took place in the summer of 2017
The amount raised was finally 1,600€ for Grupo Amas and £530 for Autism Puzzles. Due to different Legislations we had to run separate campaigns which seemed to work ok.
For 2018, we started planning to do another big ride from Cambridge to Madrid to raise funds for people affected with Motor Neuro-Diseases , which will take place in next summer.
In the process, we thought that, if we ran as Registered Charity, we could get more people involved into more projects and fundraisers of their own, so we looked into the process.
So with a little help from our friends, we decided to go ahead and become a fully registered charity that will help, support and give voice people who have to live with a disability.
  • "Arturo and Monkey have helped putting Leganes on the map as a city that cares for all their citizens and takes things like this seriously"

    Virginia Jimenez / Education and Social Services Councilor of Leganes /

  • "Congratulations, for in your journey, you have called up a lot of people and raised awareness"

    Santiago Llorente / Mayor of Leganes /

  • "What they are doing is amazing. Anything that can help to raise awareness is most welcome"

    Gerardo Posada / Managing Director of ANFAS /

  • "It's beautiful and inspiring to see how there are people can organise and commit to such an effort to raise awareness in subjects such Autism and learning disabilities"

    Patricia Perales / Pamplona's Deputy Mayor /

  • How many people have told you that you're mad?

    Monkey's Mum / /